exposedCan I trust you with my deepest darkest thoughts?

The ones that you’ll question the ones that should not.

Here in my Oh so delicate mind,

Here flashing throughout my day passing time.

Can I trust you with my deepest darkest secrets?

Taking you to the depths of my very soul,

Wondering through the grave of my heart’s cold.

Can I trust you with the fragile part of me?

Carry me slowly for sudden movement makes me queasy.

Stomach wrenching at just a simple stare.

What do you want? What is hidden there?

Can I bare my soul and being to you?

Being clear as glass yet tough as leather.

Being hard as stone yet light like a feather.

Being pure as gold yet story unforetold.

Can you handle the excitement and explosions of me?

Booming here and there,

For few to see.

Glance in the right direction and you’ll see me.

Can I be the rawest of the truth with you?

Stringing you into my world with no deception.

Giving you the choice with clear direction.

Hoping that you’ll choose the right way to go.

Hoping that you’ll see my visible soul.

Can I give you every inch and ounce of me?

Trusting you with the embodied part of me.

Taking our soul tie and keeping it knotted.

Knowing that it could come undone and gone,

Knowing that forever lasts longer in a song.

Unbalanced with all the ME to you.

My desire to know is,

Can I…with you?



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