It’s what we don’t have,
It’s what’s token for granted
& surely slanted,
To adjust to our needs,time
Of our daily feeds,
On the innocent.
If there is any.
Sometimes I think no,
Sometimes I think plenty,
Hope can be wanted,
Can’t it,
Or can it not.
Reality is like a cold hard shot.
Not to the heart
but to the mind
Because sometimes
It’s falsely sublime.
& thoughts start to scatter, & people do chatter
Of what they don’t know
As time takes it toll.
My time is your time,
My world is your world,
So to say one is selfish is truly absurd.
Time comes & it goes,
Never knowing what it holds.
Something so precious but token for granted,
So how can we expect to be respected in this essence.
When people are confused about God’s blessin’


Published by: justtreeblog

Single Mother of one, corporate world working woman who has learned you can’t be accepted by everyone nor can you please everyone but that is what keeps the fire lit. Not because you’re fueled by haters but because if you pleased everyone you wouldn’t be living. Connect with me and grow with me. Because this is me. I'm JustTree

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