Where’s the Exit?

My son and I were cooped up in the house all day and after driving to his Karate Class and discovering it was cancelled I asked him what he wanted to eat for dinner. I figured that could keep us out the house for a little while. He says he wants to go to Taco Bell.  We rarely ever eat it & I figure I have alka seltzer on hand for when it tears my stomach up with the bubble guts. As I’m driving there I see Toys R us on the way. Hmm, this could pass some time. So I make a quick right and tell my son not to ask me for anything while in the store because we’re just there to window shop. As I’m looking around I start to think about how the Amazon Fire stick, my son’s tablet and reading assignments are not getting us by anymore in keeping us occupied while in the house. After going to a friend’s house and enjoying UNO on New Year’s Eve I figured it would be nice to invest in my own board games for my house. I noticed UNO is $9.99 and Game of Life is $19.99 so I did a quick Google search on the prices at Walmart to compare. Almost a $5-$10 difference on prices regarding the board games I wanted. So with a short drive we head to Walmart.

As we walk through the garden area (since it’s closer to the toy section) I notice a tall Cashier with big burgundy curly hair standing at the register. As I get closer I see a beard and a mustache too. I think to myself…oh Lord. You see my child questions everything and points out everything. So if I noticed it he would too but maybe he won’t ask. I find the items I want and head to the register. It is the only register open in the back of the store where I came in and for a split second I ponder the option of just going to the front of the store and ringing up my board games there. Yet, I shouldn’t shimhave to do all that just too potentially keep my son from asking questions about the Cashier in a burgundy wig, with a beard, mustache and boobs. I get in line and there’s only one person in front of me. A man with his 2 kids sitting in the cart. He takes a look at my 3 items and says I can go ahead of him since he has 20 items. I thank him and went right on ahead. The Cashier rings up my items and I tell my son to pick up the bags so we could go. As my son grabs the bags I say, “Happy New Year!” The Cashier is a male masked feminine voice responds with, “Happy New Year.” I look at the man who let me go ahead of him and say, “Sir Thank you again.” As my son hears me say “Sir” he then says, “Mom, that’s a sir?  Or is that a girl? I’m confused because they have that color hair but the face looks like a man.” NOOOOOO!!!! I think to myself…I tell me son to be quiet and walk towards the exit. I then explain that what he saw was a man dressed like a woman but that God made that person to be a man. It is not for us to decide what gender we want to be. God made him a boy for a reason and mommy a girl for a reason. I once read an article about a teacher at a daycare who wanted to transition from a man to a woman and that it was allowed. Personally, I think that would be confusing as heck for a child for teacher to go from being a man one day and a woman the next and expecting 4 & 5 yrs. old to process that normally. Whether something is accepted or not does not mean that it is right.

To the Cashier at the register who dressed like a woman but decided to keep the beard and mustache.

I understand that we as society have empathy for the inner battle of being born one way but wanting to be another. However, some people cannot relate to something this deep especially children regardless of how accepting they are. If you’re going to dress like a woman then know women do not walk around willingly with facial hair. It is confusing and God is not an author of confusion.
I have never been one to speak politically correct when outside of work. I mean this is not Big Brother and I am entitled to my thoughts and an opinions. Because this is me. This is JustTree


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