Happy Belated Merry Christmas

As I’m waiting in the barber shop for my kiddo to get his hair cut I felt it was a good opportunity to finish up THE INEVITABLE post. So I bring in my laptop and my kiddo says,” You can’t do that in here.” I give him a look like, really? And say, “I can do what I want. What are they going to do?” hmm… now that I think  about it maybe that’s where he gets his sass mouth from. Any who, as he’s in the chair I’m going in on my editing. Cutting out words that are repetitive and trying to make things more simple. I feel at times I can over-complicate things. Sadly, that’s not just in my writing either. So as I’m going through it the barber closest to me asks me if I’m ok. I was looking into space at the time trying to think of an alternative word to use. He snapped me back into the barber shop reality with his question. I responded with a yes that I was thinking about something. My kiddo’s barber then shouts out my name and asks if I want a part in my kiddo’s hair. Hmm, he knows my name? He even pronounced it right. Eek, I have him as Clipper’s Barber in my iPhone and have no idea what his real name is. It’s pretty much too late for me to ask him what his name is as I’ve been going to him for over 6 months. Yet, I have a kiddo who comes with perks.I will haloneave my kiddo ask him his name next time he gets his hair cut. Only thing is I am risking my kiddo saying,”My mommy wants me to ask you what your name is?” Kids tell on their parents way to easily. I can say, “don’t tell him I want to know” but he’ll just change it to,”My mommy doesn’t want me to tell you that she wants to know your name.” Eh, it’s worth a try. After all I may hand out Christmas cards next year and I think I’m supposed to give them to people who provide services to me throughout the year.

The kid’s hair is done and his barber does what he always does. He offers him a piece of candy. Yes, please give my already hyperactive child a piece of candy. I’m only going straight home to cook dinner and this won’t possibly ruin his appetite. My kid gives me that look like “pllleeeaaassseee” so I say sure. He offers me one and I say no as I look like I’ve had a few pieces to many already. I then being that it’s so close to the beginning of the year say,”Well Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I can still get away with that right? I should have until the end of the month. Well anyway you know what I mean.” He says, “Yea’ say it as long as you like.” Then the barber who asked if I was ok puts in his 2 cents and says, “Well you’re actually supposed to say all that when you first walk in.”…Uh, thanks for almost making me feel awkward I thought. I simply replied with, “I can be pretty anti sometimes.” Both barbers look at me & respond “yea.” As I get to the car I play back the conversation in my head and start to laugh. I have become quite the introvert in my older age. I then ask my kiddo if the barber asked him my name. He says, “No”. Danggit, I thought I could unload a little guilt from not knowing his name but nope. Next my mind instantly switches to what to cook when I get home because I went grocery shopping earlier in the day and skies the limit. Well limitless to what I can choose from the refrigerator. Because this is me. This is JustTree.


One thought on “Happy Belated Merry Christmas”

  1. Sometimes I feel like people KNOW you don’t remember their name, or haven’t learned it at all in your case, and they do stuff like that to throw it in your face. I don’t care. I know people, not names. What’s in a name anyway?


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