Crystal Clear


If only it’d be crystal clear,
It’d calm my heart and erase my fears.
My thoughts would no longer run my mind,
My heart be freed,
No chains, no crime.
But only isn’t yet or true,
My crystal thought is cracked and skewed.
Trying to make out the blurry face,
Trying to understand if what’s seen is the case.
If only it’d be crystal clear,
With no more pain and no more tears.
Smiling at Oh a soft warm thought,
Of things to come and achievements sought.
Where hearts are merry and minds are clear,
Is a nice thought to give my Dear.
But crystal is so fragile and transparent,
To expect too much is quite apparent.
If only it’d be crystal clear,
Open your eyes and see what’s here.


Published by: justtreeblog

Single Mother of one, corporate world working woman who has learned you can’t be accepted by everyone nor can you please everyone but that is what keeps the fire lit. Not because you’re fueled by haters but because if you pleased everyone you wouldn’t be living. Connect with me and grow with me. Because this is me. I'm JustTree

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