Carry Me

carry-meWhat do you expect me to do?
Put down my pride and search for you?
Seek high and low bend and knee?
Let go of self and wonder for thee?
What do you expect me to think?
That the harder I try the better the outcome?
That consistent behavior will reap a reward?
That the longer I knock here comes an open door?
How is it all supposed to work?
I put in my 51 and you drag in your 49?
I keep my eye on the prize while losing  time?
Smile on my face with my eyes open blind?
What do you expect me to do?
I expect you to love and trust and cherish.
I expect you to let go only then will you flourish.
I expect you to jump knowing I’ll always catch you.
This is what I expect you to do.
What do you expect me to think?
That your thoughts are not my thoughts yet you let them run wild.
That you’ve grown in age but remain my child.
That the door has been open yet you halt to walk through.
These are the thoughts I have for you.
How is it all supposed to work out?
You assume you’re walking how absurd can that be.
Getting lost in time is not the answer you seek.
I’ve carried you always continue to let me.
It all is working out your “supposed” is not long. 
It’ll play out quick like the words to a song.
Expect Me for you trust can’t go wrong.


Published by: justtreeblog

Single Mother of one, corporate world working woman who has learned you can’t be accepted by everyone nor can you please everyone but that is what keeps the fire lit. Not because you’re fueled by haters but because if you pleased everyone you wouldn’t be living. Connect with me and grow with me. Because this is me. I'm JustTree

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