Feeding the Soul

How lame can I be? Lame enough to spend hours on YouTube switching between watching and listening to Childish Gambino and Chance the Rapper reading through the comments without ever commenting. I crack up at the things people have to say. Between the racist comments, interpretationfeeding-the-souls of the lyrics and history people drop about the rappers it’s quite entertaining. Now I didn’t just sit in place for hours. During this latest session I got up and put me a few pop starts in the toaster. Made sure I cooked them bad boys twice. I like them a little burnt just like my popcorn. I paired it with some milk and back into the zone I went. Getting up and dancing. It ain’t like I was dancing alone CG and Chance were dancing with me. I love seeing people doing them without worrying about looking or being cool. They are not worried about whether they got swag or not. All they are worried about is staying true to who they are at the moment. I don’t even know them to talk about what they thinking. Funny how I listen to a few songs, read a few articles about them and now I think I’m connected to what they are worried about. Either way my thoughts about their thoughts are something that I admire. Even if I made it up. I get highly attracted to people like that. People who are raw. People who aren’t scared to say what they want to say. Don’t get me wrong I ain’t saying; say the first thing or whatever comes to your mind. Everybody can’t handle that. Our society is not built for that. You have to be politically correct, add sugar to all your words and try to appease everybody. What a world we turned this into. Any who, when you know you got something to say that is going to drop a nugget or represent who you are, man drop some word and share who you are. Chance almost tripped me up and made me think about one of my Ex’s though. Seeing his city in the videos. Oh well, it is, what it is. I’m going to get there one day. But only to see the infamous skyline and knock down some of the restaurants I’ve heard so much about.

Music sounds the best in two places in my opinion. The first is anywhere. Ha. I say that because you can wear headphones just about anywhere. They even got some that are waterproof. I’m not going to Google that to confirm. It’s 2017 I’m sure they got some. Second place is in the car but on the driver side. Music doesn’t somusic-in-the-carund the same on the passenger side. It doesn’t have to be in my car either because no matter what car I’m in I have to be on the driver side to get the full effect of the amazing vibes a song can give. I love dancing in the car too. If I get to a light I usually get a little audience and I don’t mind giving a show. It instantly brightens my day to put on some Jill, Old Kanye, Bob, Adele, Sam, Gramatik or whatever is going to feed me with raw lyrics or beats. Then I have those days where I listen to a little Foreplay, Kenny to add a little. If I had a rough day at work then Wolfgang, Yo-Yo Ma is the way I go. Music feeds my soul and I have a huge admiration for artists. Something genius behind seeing someone outlet the masterpiece that is in their mind. Probably why I become quite smitten with men holding these talents. There’s something about being around a person who uses a natural talent to communicate self. This is one of the reasons why I feel at times that the corporate world is not for me. It’s so black and white with a little red. Yet, I’m my best when I am in the grey area with unlimited self-expression. You have to mix things up and blend.  What’s even lamer is that I first learned of Childish Gambino through his character as Troy on Community and Chance the Rapper through his dang Kit Kat bar commercial. I’m just not that cool. Because this is me. This is JustTree


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