Peach Colored

I’ve always had some interest in politics but this most recent election kept me glued to the TV, Online, Radio etc. After watching Senator Jeff Sessions cabinet elect go through questioning it made me think of just how screwed up our thinking can be towards Americans by Americans. There seems to be this, “THEM against us” thought process even though we are ALL American. Depending on how you look you may be treated less than American and in some cases less than human. Whyus-flag does this have to be? My son is at the age where he not only recognizes color but he knows what they are. He went from calling people brown and peach to white and black. I miss the days of peach. When a person is called the exact color they are. When I first heard him describe a person as white. I asked him why white? What happened to peach? Is a person who is “white” the same color as a white piece of paper? Of course not! Yet and still he differentiates people based on the color of their skin. I only hope that he continues to love and treat everyone the same. We as a people are far more similar than some would like to admit. Color is not what separates us with acting different our geographical environment does. For example, I am from the west and find myself acting differently than those from the south. I act more like  those from the west regardless of color. I am one to embrace differences. I love to learn new things and get an “ah ha” moment from listening to someone else’s experiences. Can you really grow if all you hear are your own thoughts? No! You have to step outside of what you know explore and grow. Grow beyond small mindedness. Grow beyond how Momma & Dad raised you. Grow beyond the length of your arm. Grow.

Talking about race, politics and religion are sensitive topics but they’re real issues that need real solutions. Whether they will ever come or not is a different story. It’s okay to be proud to be Black. It’s okay to be proud to be Hispanic. It’s okay to be proud to be White. It’s okay to be proud to be Asian. It’s okay to be proud to an Islander. It’s okay to be proud to be Indian. It’s okay to be proud to be an American. The problem is when you begin to believe that your race or country is superior to another.Why cast a shadow on others in the process of highlighting your own? As Americans, no as human beings we have to do our best to impact the circles we have around us with embracing our differences as well as celebrating them. So I for one will say that yes I see color. Beautiful, pale, bright, light, peach, tan, brown, dark color. Because this is me. This is JustTree


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