Interesting, Interesting that you’re the only one who sees.
The only one that speaks out,
The only one with needs.
Interesting, Interesting that you support the cause.
The ones with obvious pain,politics-2
The one with flaws.
Interesting, Interesting that your eyes often avert.
Can you look me in my eyes?
Can you say there’s no hurt?
Interesting, Interesting that you seem so long winded.
As if presenting a different angle with help win in.
As if you’ll talk our understanding down to the ground.
As if the longer you go,
The brighter you’ll sound.
Interesting , Interesting how it all looks from here.
Politics is quite interesting,
What you see is not what you hear.


Published by: justtreeblog

Single Mother of one, corporate world working woman who has learned you can’t be accepted by everyone nor can you please everyone but that is what keeps the fire lit. Not because you’re fueled by haters but because if you pleased everyone you wouldn’t be living. Connect with me and grow with me. Because this is me. I'm JustTree

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