I had another interesting dream last night. All of my siblings including my mother were in it. My Mother and I were talking as we watched a gentleman who I don’t recall ever seeing before decorate this giant house that looked like it was made out of gingerbread. He had a pack on his back and eqggb-houseuipment in his hand that reminded me of the gun they used in Ghostbusters to suck the ghosts into a machine. Well instead of laser beams coming out it was snow. He was decorating the house in Christmas decorations and he was shooting the snow around the windows and the doors. My sister walked over and said, “Let me do it!” and took over. We were all laughing and it looked like so much fun. Then I heard screaming. I looked over at my niece (sister’s daughter) and she’s sitting down on a bench and she’s smiling and laughing wearing footy pajamas with one of my nephews. The sun was shining on them. I recall thinking that I was glad everything was finally resolved and we could all spend time together again. I then again hear screaming. I look behind me and there are 3 little kids walking out of a door. I did not recognize them but they felt like family. One walked over to a table I was leaning on and bumped her forehead. I picked her up and her forehand had gotten scratched. Her face was also very dirty. So I grabbed a napkin and began to wipe her face off. I hear screaming again and my Mom tells me it’s my brother working his new job. I walk over carrying the little girl and realize that I’m walking to the front office of some apartments I grew up in as a kid. They were yellow with white trimming and the front of the apartments had been decorated to celebrate Halloween. There were several people dressed in costumes and my brother was one of them. Their job was to scare people as they walked up the drive way of the apartments to the front office. After I realized what the screaming was I started to laugh. I don’t recall the rest but when I woke up I felt so good. I felt like I had a real conversation with my sister. The conversation resolved all the issues we currently have. I felt like everything was going to be okay. Of course after a few moments of lying in bed I jumped back into reality that we did not have a conversation and that my niece has not responded to any of my text messages. I’m no dream interpreter nor will I seek one out. However, I am hopeful this dream some how and in some way will come to pass. The peace I felt in this dream is something I aspire to have in my reality. Because this is me. This is JustTree


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