parentingStomach turning,
Eyes a glow,
The only way to get rid of the feeling,
Is to numb the soul.
I try my best,
Take advice too.
No matter what I do or don’t
I still feel screwed.
My neck aches,
My back does too.
My body is giving up,
As stress passes through.
I just need to breathe.
And see the bright side.
Trying my best to let the bad parts die.
It hurts so much,
I know not what to do,
I failed myself and especially you.
The blame is mine,
No one else is around.
They’ve all rushed off to keep their mind sound.
So here I am body aches, eyes a glow.
Trying my best for depression not take hold.
Stomach turning,
Eyes a glow,
When I tried to get them to understand they simply told me:
what not to do,
what to do,
what was my fault,
how it could be better,
Rolling every word off their tongue as if an eager debtor.
I have tried.
I’ve rolled up my sleeves,
Leaving no one to defend we but me.
I lift up my prayer and surrender it all,
Because this is what is said will fix the fall.


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