I wake up and walk to the room window. I’m on the second floor of a house. I see cars parked in my driveway. Why are these cars parked in my driveway? I notice that there is a burgundy car, black truck and a white car. The black truck has its turning signal on; blinking. This is odd because it’s parked. I walk through the room door and I see cats in my living room. They were different sizes; black, white, grey, mixed, orange. I scream out my son’s name, “…where did all these cats come from?!” He says he opened the door and they came in. I grad a towel and start to chase after them to get them out of the house. I grab a white kitten and it draws it claws and starts to hiss at me. I open the front door and throw it to the side of the house. It tries to get back in but I close the door. As we’re throwing them out the door they keep trying to get back in. I pick up an adult cat and I walk out tcatso the railing. Now it looks like I’m in an apartment based on the railing and stairs that lead down to a parking lot. I look over the railing and look at the cat. A cat has nine lives, right? Will it survive? I had to throw them further from the house or they’ll just come back in. I throw the cat over the railing. To my relief it lands on its feet. I throw 2 more over but it feels like it is taking forever. I go back in the house frustrated and I stand with my back to the opened door. I yell, “Get out of my house! Get out!” The cats then start to run out of the door. When it appears they are all gone I yell out, “You better not be hiding! I want you all out! Get out!” I didn’t see any more cats after that. I close the door and I wake up.

As I lay in bed I start to think about what the dream could mean? I didn’t see any cats yesterday or talk about cats so I wasn’t sure why I would dream about them. I pick up my phone and Google multiple cats in a house dream. I discover dreaming of multiple cats in a house has to do with multiple delusions. That I could believe in something that may not be true about myself, others, or a situation. So I start to take inventory. My Ex did cross my mind yesterday after hearing a visiting Pastor in church mention how blessed a person is to be with their true love. Later that day I verbally reminded myself that my Ex has moved on, has a family, is not thinking about me. I thought about contacting the guy I went on a date with. Yet, I felt like I was compensating for my Ex so I decided not to contact him. Is this my delusion? I then begin to think of my son. What the doctors are saying? What they are suggesting? I don’t want to take the route they are suggesting. I want to go in another direction, a natural direction. He is still developing, still growing and I won’t be forced into doing anything. I have to do what’s right. Not just right for right now but for time to come. Is this my delusion? My situation with my sister? Maybe my career? It this my delusion? Are all of them my delusions? Hopefully in time the truth of the dream will reveal itself. Because this is me. This is JustTree.


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