Have you ever thought something crazy? You know it’s crazy and doesn’t make logical sense but you can’t help how you feel. So you let your emotions dictate you’re actions. Well that’s how I feel about someone I met recently that told me he wanted to pursue me. Only problem is his astrological sign. Now in the church they say you can’t be a Believer and do astrology. I get it. Just like you can’t be a Believer and be superstitious. Yet, if I look back over the people in my life and their astrological signs I have to be honest there’s a lot of similarities between them and how well we mesh together. So this gentleman and I are vibing. Conversapiscestion is flowing. He’s making a lot of sense. We’re laughing. Then BOOM! He tells me he’s a ______. I feel a knot in my stomach and literally my right eye starts to water. Now this sign has changed my life in two ways. The first guy I had a child by. The second guy I thought was my soulmate. Am I traumatized now? I jokingly tell the new guy it was nice while it lasted but we have to stop while we’re aheadAs my heart is not strong enough to bare another beating and stabbing. He then went on to say the usual, “I’ll never hurt you.” “You won’t regret having me in your life.” It all sounded so lovely. This sign is literally my opposite. Which I am sadly attracted too. Why? Everything I am they are not. What they lack I supply and vice versa. I always learn lessons from this sign and self-reflect as well. We are known to be the opposite sides of a coin. The ying and yang to each other. Then I get hurt and I’m no angel I hurt them too.

What’s that old saying? Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. Does that mean I’m a lunatic to even consider dating this guy? I feel like either way I’m going to look crazy. If I don’t talk to him due to his sign then I’m the crazy lady who stays away from men due to the month they’re born in. If I date him I could potentially get crushed again; then what? I told you so? I can’t have me…telling me, I told you so?” I mean c’mon madness all the way around. So I don’t know what I’ll do. My best friend tells me I overthink things like this and that I’ll be talking to someone new in two weeks. He feels I jump around with my feelings. It’s a bad habit I developed over the past 2 years. My cousin says I have some unforeseen hope the person I thought was my soulmate will one day come back to me. I tried to get on a dating site recently and it was quite overwhelming. Trying to find a picture that looks like me but not enough for someone at work to see it & blast me out. I seen a person I worked with on the site and thought, “Aww, He’s looking for love”. Maybe they’ll think that way if they see me? No, no I’m sure I’ll come off different. Why? Because this is me. This is JustTree.



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