Work crushes are cute and I usually embrace maybe one. Ever since I was a young chap I’ve had a work husband here & there. I know, I know how awful of me. I am at work to get paid and not make friends or flirt. Plus, as I stated in Lock the Door I don’t try to do too much with my look being that I work around a lot of men. Yet, when a guy runs to get me something to drink because I’m thirsty or he buys me food because I mention I am hungry or he wants to walk with me around the job while I get exercisthai-foode I mean c’mon. It’s not like I’m hugging and kissing up on these guys. I usually try to offer to pay for a meal or two out of the 20 or 30 but they usually decline. I figure hey I tried. So today when I told a guy who has a crush on me, “What’s for lunch?” He says, “Yea’, sure whatever you want.” We decided on Thai food. So we’re sitting there catching up on my life. We talk about the house investment I had that flopped causing me to lose 20k. We talk about my relationship with my sister. We talk about my lack of a great dating life. Then I give him his turn to catch me up. We chat about his family and a woman he’s dating. I offer him some dating advice on how to get this on & off again woman to stop tripping. She sounds really  emotional and I see her side of things and I see the logical side of things. I use to be an extremely emotional woman at one point. I had my crazy days. Oh the memories. It’s clear to me, everything, I mean everything he does, says, wants matters to her. Often a man doesn’t know what to do with this type of power over a woman. So the woman becomes overly emotional and too dependent on his reaction. It makes her look crazy and he can’t figure out what the heck is wrong with her.

The check comes, the fortune cookies come, the second glass of water comes and we continue on. I look in my purse for my car keys and he says I’m distracting him. I remind him that we’ve been gone for about 45 minutes and we have to get back soon. As we get up he leaves his fortune cookie on the table. I point at it & say, “You don’t want it?” He says, “Naw.”  I open it, read it and eat half. I only eat the cookie if I like what the fortune says. I feel like it seals the deal on it possibly coming true. I don’t recall what it said but it was a good one. As we’re standing outside the restaurant he asks what it says. I read it to him then I eat the other half. He says, “So you weren’t going to give me any?” I mean he told he wasn’t eating sugar in a previous conversation which I remind him of and he says, “Fortune cookies don’t have that much sugar.” I was like, “Oops, mybad.” As we’re standing there I tell him how I’m trying online dating. He asks what the name of the site is because he wants to go check me out. I tell him no need I’ll pull up my profile. As I’m scrolling through my profile I feel a chill on my nipple. I see the top of my piercing and I adjust my shirt. I say, “Mybad didn’t mean for you to see that.” He says, “Ain’t anything I ain’t seen before.”  I say, “Coo’ but I ain’t trying to have you see my piercing though. “He says, “Can I see?” I give him a dead face look. “Naw, you can’t see.” Viewing my goodies are not on the menu for dessert. We stand for a few more minutes talking about work and he tells me how much he enjoys hanging out with me. The feeling is mutual after all he has great conversation. Yet, I’ve already decided that I will never date someone I work with AGAIN! Lord, don’t make my husband work at _____. Wish I didn’t mention the nipple piercing. He probably didn’t even see it. Plus, he has this thing about me. Saying he knows I look innocent but he knows I have a bad girl side to me. Not sure what that is about… Oh well everyone has nipples and my mine are pretty. Ha! So I’m not embarrassed. Because this is me. This is JustTree.




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