As I turn on my work phone I see I have multiple text messages and one voicemail from 6:00am. I review the text messages and see they’re from a co-worker of mine that obviously didn’t read my email from last week because he’s stating that there are Contractors waiting for me at my work location. It’s 7:20am and my team knows good and well I don’t make it into the office until 7:30am. I call my co-worker who is oblivious to the work being performed and he states another co-worker is waiting for me to come in. Welp, there goes my wanting to work from home. It’s Presidents Day and my kid does not have school. I call my friend to see if I can drop my son off with her but she is pretty busy today herself. I think about calling my sister but it would take over an hour just to get him to her. I throw on some clothes going commando. I don’t think it’s a good idea to put on clean underwear with day old body. I grab some clothes for my son and tell him that he needs to  get up and he’s going to work with me. I get to work parking right in front of the building rolling down the windows just enough to where you can’t see in. I speak to the Lead Contractor and he’s very patient and apologizes for any inconvenience. Yet, it’s me who inconvenienced him. I arrived at work around 815am & he’d been there since 6:00am. He keeps referring to me as, “The Boss,” as I go over the installation plans. I kind of liked it but I didn’t want to him know that. I decide to take care of some projects around my building dealing with audits and reporting.

I check on my son every 30 minutes reminding him not to get out of the car and text him asking if he has to go to the bathroom. Within an hour he texts me telling me the phone is dying and that he is worried. I tell him it’ll be ok. At another 30 minute mark I start to walk to the front door where the Lead Contractor who I have been working with walks by me smiling. I walk out the front door and there is my son…smiling. “Didn’t I tell you to stay in the car?” He says he knows but that the phone died. I would have let him come in the building but we had so many visitors & I didn’t want to risk there being an issue. I would have loved to put him in daycare but its $60 a day and I already pay over $300 for care a month. I swap phones with him and telparenting_workingl him not to leave the car again. I call his after school program and ask when they’ll be open? They say arournd 2:00pm. Good deal! I notice the cars getting hot even with the windows cracked which means he can’t stay in there much longer. As I’m talking to my son the Lead Contractor walks over and says, “So you couldn’t find a sitter either huh? I wish I would have known I would have come on a different day for you. Sometimes school being out sucks. If you want you can go? We have all we need.” I felt a sense of relief. My son then asks me how much longer? By this time he’d eaten all his snacks. I grab my stuff, speak to my other co-worker who came in around 9:00am and let him know I’d be back by 2:00pm. As I’m driving away I think of all the sacrifices we make for our kids. Making sure they eat right, have extracurricular activities after school and on weekends. Making sure they are well-rounded people by introducing them to certain music, movies, games and activities. There’s so much to do when it comes to being an active parent. Being a Mom of a child doesn’t mean you’re being a parent. I’ve never run away from a challenge and being an active parent is definitely challenging at times but it builds character. In this case contributing to both me and my son’s character and I’m grateful for the opportunity. Because this is me. This is JustTree.

(Sniff, sniff) I need a shower…


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