Freckled face and skins a glow,
The wisdom possessed swoons my soul.
To not have seen but only heard,courting
My mind’s intrigued,
My heart is near,
Seeking more of what’s held dear.
Imperfections felt and pain appears,
Revealing true self,
With doubt and fears.
With laughs and smiles,
With questions and answers.
Analyzing the moment,
The actions,
And mind,
Analyzing if finally
It’s time.
Telling oneself who knows what the future holds?
To combat the thought if you were to go.
And down.
Can I follow you?
Can you wear the crown?
The crown of a King.
Your rightful place.
The crown of a Man,
with strength and grace.
Embodied in you is a worrier held,
Releasing it through,
Your words of love spells.
Knowing with us only time will tell.
I see you,
Through & through.
Did I tell you too much?
Have you always knew?
The clearer you become,
The more rings true.
I’m aghast,
I’m excited,
A delighted breakthrough.


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