I was standing in the record store looking around as my Mom browsed down the other aisle. I was about 20 years old and I had moved in with my Mom and her Husband after leaving college with only attending for 2 years. Soon a Man walks up to me anrecordsd starts speaking to me about things that have happened in my life, going on at the time & what was to come. I called my Mom over and he began to speak to her as well. Soon we built a friendship with this man & his wife. He said he was a Prophet and based on what he told me I didn’t see otherwise. As time went on he would tell me things like how I was going to get pregnant. When I first heard that I laughed. As I was celibate at the time and sold out to the Lord. So I corrected him and said, “Oh, you mean with the Holy Spirit?” He would correct me & say, “No you are going to get pregnant and this is more of a warning.” I pushed it out my mind and didn’t think to pray against it. Me pregnant? I didn’t even like holding babies so no baby was coming out of me anytime soon. While at his house on another occassion I mentioned to him that an old high school classmate told me about a job where I could make good money. However, I was not going to go for it. He then told me, “You are meant to work for that company.” So I applied for the job and went through one computer test and two interviews. I received a letter in the mail about 3 weeks later saying I was not experienced enough for the job. So I continued to work for Payless Shoesource and Bath & Body Works. About 2 months later I get a call from a recruiter who was with a competitor company to the one I applied for. He said he seen my resume on Monster.com and wanted me to come in for a test. I did a computer test and was scheduled for an interview the next day. I started the job in April and was making more than both Payless ShoeSource and Bath & Body Works combined but I kept all three jobs anyway.Within 5 months I was promoted. After being in the new role for about 2 months a co-worker mentioned to me that the company I applied for previously was hiring and would pay more for what I was currently doing and had great stock options. I told my co-worker how I had applied already and was told I didn’t have enough experience. They said, “Well you have it now!” So I thought why not? Let me try…again. I applied and got the job! The Prophet was right. I have lived in 3 different states and travelled around the US working for my company.

One day as we’re driving he starts to tell me about the men I will meet in my life. He says, “You will meet three men. The first one you will argue with a lot. You will fight all the time. The second one will try to hurt you so be careful. The third one will be your husband. He will give you lots of gifts and cherish you.” I tried letter-nto probe him more about the third man but he began describing the guy as if he looked like him. So I had no more questions after that as you can imagine. Maybe he was trying to get in a plug? Later he tells me that my husband will have an “N” name. “Naomi or something like that?” I have never dated a guy with an “N” for a first, middle or even last name. I have dated a lot of “M’s” though. As time went on I entered into a relationship with a guy who I argued with a lot. It was as if he turned into someone I had never met. I even had a relationship with a man who in his honesty would hurt me deeply. It was if he would not only stab me with a knife but turn it. I cared for him so much and wanted to respect his honest opinion and thoughts so I bared it for a while. At times I felt as if I was too weak to love someone like him. My skin just wasn’t strong enough. As for the third? I’m starting to give up on if he even exists. I’m not saying the Prophet wasn’t right about the other stuff. I mean after all not but 4 years later I was with a child and engaged to the first guy I mentioned. Even still God has always had His hand on me and BLESSED me with more than I could have thought I was even allowed to have. So I don’t know? Maybe the Prophet got the name being an “N” wrong and maybe it’s time for me to let go of what I was told. It’s going on 11 years and my life has changed so much since then. Maybe this prophecy has as well? Because this is me. This is JustTree.


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