My journey has allowed me to become more open in discovering who I am with what I am. As I begin my vegan diet I start to look into my blood type and how it affects my diet. I see that chicken, pork; peanuts just to name a few are all things that I should stay away from. In these past few years I myself have noticed that eating too much pork gives me headaches and eating chicken makes me drowsy. The most disappointing item to see on the list was tomatoes and avocados. I love room temperature Campbell’s tomato juice and I love toblood-typesmato pasta. Avocados are a love of mine as well. Yet, with anything, moderation is key. So I will continue to eat these things but in moderation. As I viewed the Blood Diet app  on my phone it awakens my curiosity to do more research on how my blood type affects me in other ways. I began to come across theories that a person’s blood type can also speak into personality traits.  For instance, people with blood type A are seen as sensitive, clever and smart. People with blood type B are seen as balanced, thoughtful and ambitious and let’s not forget the rarest blood type AB who tend to be charming and popular. I read that in Japan they are more prone to ask about your blood type due to personality rather than your astrological sign. I also read that 8 out of 10 kids diagnosed with autism have blood type A. I find this all fascinating. However, with any theory there are speculations that blood types associated with personality and compatibility is nothing more than superstition or pseudoscience. I personally have never taken out the time to test the theory on personality or my diet but as I mentioned before I do notice my reaction to chicken and pork. Although I am looking and seeking other avenues of self I do not see this in anyway conflicting with my faith. I feel that often times once a box is opened it is seen as, “promoting the devil,” rather than discovering one’s self. Yoga, strengthening your Chi,  listening to the artist formally known as Prince, Dancing, Skating are all things I have been told are sinful. Yet, once you step outside of the box created for you by society and do your own research you become conscious. You start to see things as they are and not how people believed them to be based solely on what they were taught. I have a lot more to learn and I am grateful for what I have uncovered and discovered thus far. Because this is me. This is JustTree.

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