When it was first introduced to me almost a year ago I immediately rejected it. I didn’t want to hear what the person had to say. What they were saying went against what I was raised to believe. It went against what I knew to be true.  I became angry and yelled at the person, “How dare you say these things!” “How dare you even question it?” They lost their mind and they’re not going to make me lose mine. No Sir. The person instead of getting angry at me asked why I couldn’t respect what they were saying. Why was I so angry? I got off the phone thinking they’re a wacko. A wacko I dearly care for but I am not into that universe stuff. Soon after, the person contacted me apologizing for if they offended me in any way. We left it at that.

As I go through my journey one of the things I desire is to know truth in its rawest form. Doesn’t have to be good, bad, make me comfortable or fit into what I know. I simply want the truth. Few months following after the first encounter I meet another person. This person too was spewing the same thing as the other. When they would talk I felt my ears getting hot and my body would tense up. They asked, “Why I believed what I do?” I told them because I have experienced the power. I experience things in my life that I know I didn’t come by on my own. He asked, “Why do you choose to show gratitude for what you believe in the way you do?” Well there’s guidance on it and when I feel led too do, I do. When I run across moments where I question I read, study, seek out counsel or pray. I soon learned that this was not a topic I was comfortable speaking about. I didn’t want whatever they were drinking. Yet, I asked, prayed and continued to desire the truth.

As the year 2017 began to bloom I started to really take inventory of the things I desired in my life and all the things I already had. How blessed am I? Without a shadow of a doubt I am very blessed. In February I read a message from someone on Facebook that was sent in December. The person was simply asking how I was doing. I responded and we began to exchange texts, DM and calls. This person was so intelligent and I enjoyed their insight, wisdom and outlook on life. TruthThey then began to speak on what they believed to be true. They spoke on their research and suggested I research too. They recommended book after book after book. They started to send me YouTube videos asking to remain open minded. So I did. I started to read the books. I started to watch the YouTube videos. I started to look at the world differently. I stared to look at myself differently. I started to see how oppressed we really are. How many lies have been spewed at use throughout history, about history to keep us in a very nonthreatening, unassuming role that we are told to play in life.

Strange things have begun to happen. I was talking on the phone around 2:00 am in the morning and my TV turns on and it’s extremely loud. I get scared. Why is my TV on downstairs? There’s no one in the house but my son and I. It’s Friday and I allow my son to sleep in my room on Fridays & Saturdays. I look over and he’s right next to me. I ask my friend to stay on the phone with me which he agrees. He tells me that it may be a good idea to lock my room door and call the police. Yet, I have this thing about choosing not to live in fear. I tell him I won’t call the police as I don’t hear anyone downstairs just the TV. I close my room door, turn on my hall light, take a deep breath and with my hands shaking I begin to walk down the stairs. I look at the remotes and they’re on the couch right where I left them. On TV is a video of David Banner on the Breakfast club. He’s talking about his consciousness. I turn off the TV. Why was it so loud? How did it turn on? I go back upstairs lock my door and my friend talks to me until he literally falls asleep on the phone. At work I walk around with my Bluetooth around my neck. I was not playing any music at this time. I walk into a conference room to label boxes and music begins to play on my Bluetooth. I check my back pocket to see if moving caused it as I have a touchscreen. Yet, my phone is not in my pocket it’s at my desk. I hear the words from Bilal’s, “Soul Sista” begin to play and I plug in my earbuds. I listen to the whole song. What is going on? Are my electronics really going haywire? My friend says it’s the universe answering my questions and the truth that I seek. I’m still learning and in doing so I’m trying my best not to get freaked out but embrace all that is happening. I asked for the truth and I want it in its rawest form. Because this is me. This is JustTree.


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